Juggle Your Stress Away

We live in a world of stress, in which each of us has to juggle the often-conflicting requirements of our job, family, school, and personal needs. Using juggling as a metaphor, Kent provides five solid strategies for reducing stress that everyone can use in their lives.

(But wait…there’s more!)

Kent then asks, “How many of you actually know how to juggle three objects?” Typically, very few raise their hands. “How many of you think you could learn?” There are usually a few more hands.

“Well, I’ve got good news for you!” exclaims Kent. “In the next fifteen minutes, you are all going to learn how to juggle!”

Supplies are quickly passed out, and the enthusiasm is incredible. Typically, in fact, it is difficult to get the participants to sit back down and stop juggling! Kent again asks, “How many of you know how to juggle?”

This time there is excited laughter, as virtually everyone proudly raises their hands.

“Just fifteen minutes ago,” Kent now reminds them, “you told me that you could not learn to juggle…yet now you can. How many other things in your life are you not doing, simply because you don’t think you can?”

This unique and powerful session truly empowers the members of your team. It gives each member a new, life-long skill that has been proven to be an effective stress reducer, especially for those who spend much of their days hunched over their computers. Best of all, it’s FUN!

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